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Hi Everyone,

The shop will be opening from opening on Thursday,13 June 13th 2024 at 8AM. It will then close at Tuesday, June 18th 2024 at 8PM. Collection is Thursday, June 27th 2024. Sadly, this is my last food club as I need to focus fully on my professional work. So stock up! We have added Komati again this month and all regular suppliers. The good news is that Erica and Caron, who are based in Sun Valley, will be starting the their food club. Contact me if you would like to join their foodclub from September - you need to be disabled off this club, and then can sign up at https://freshconnection.foodhub.org.za/. There is also a club in Lakeside, that might suit some of you better.

Please remember the front page of the shop only contains a few items - to browse everything on offer please click on the categories in the left side column. Thank you!